The literature reviews

I have been spend a few time looking for some papers and articles. In order to help define the research question of my project.

Here are some notes that I grasped from the materials and some personal thinking came from those papers:

1. China current development of smart phone device system and in the future

This white paper gives a brief introduce about 6 camps of mobile phone operating systems in China market, they are Symbian, Mac OS X(a.k.a. iOS), Blackberry OS, Linux, Windows Mobile and Palm Web OS. It introduced those OS from several aspects like evolution of the development, terminal manufacturer participation, scale of app store and the support from ISP.

I think this paper could give a basic introduce about the background of smart phone. Make people get understand what kind of role it played in a country. The current situation is that iOS and Android occupy the most market in this area.

2. The history of smart phone OS development

This paper introduce the past, current and future of smart phone OS development.

From the paper I can see how applications came from and what way they could developed into in the future. The leader system which is iOS seems lead the appearance of applications

3. Software development for the mobile market

The current mobile market changes very frequently. This paper firstly analyzed the reasons why this happened. Then separate the develop procedure of application in a few parts from like: platforms, embedded mode, speed, programming language and so on.

If I am a developer and I want to develop a application for a group of users. I should first get the customers’ requirements. Then choose the appropriate ways and methods for this develop. This paper just give an example of this procedure.

4. Creating your first mobile device application

This paper could give some good advices to some learner developers. It gives an example of creating a windows mobile application. And provide a few methods on solving little unexpected situations.

5. Will Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X Remain Separate?

This paper make a simple comparison of two operating systems. But those two OS is targeting on different type of devices.

As the recent develop of Max OS has add more features of iOS. The function of both OS seems more getting together to make one operating system. Can this situation happened in the future only in these two OS or widely spread to other platforms

6. Will Mobile Phone Replace PC?

This paper gives a good very analyze about the trend of customers and providers. PC and mobile device both have advantages and disadvantages. Some of them could be replaced and some of them are not.

I think in the future mobile phone (especially smart mobile phone) and pc are both exist. Because as the people’s habit of using them changes a lot. The basic advantages of them will never change. The future of those two kind of platforms will seems more alike.

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Original ideas about the project

I am planning to focus on research area for the project.

Since I have done some thinking about the idea about the research, there are lots of way to exploring. Information Technology is so powerful and covers so many areas in the world. Reading news about IT is also one of the things that I usually do everyday. So there are absolutely some area that I am aware of but only a little bit them. I would really like to find a topic and concentrate on deep research about it.

Here are two topics that I would like to choose as the topic of my project:

One is cloud computing, the other one is mobile device apps.

Both two of them have something in common:

  • They are both quite new in its development history
  • They are play an important role today and have great potential of development in the future
  • They could work together or separately

Cloud computing

Three thing that I know about cloud computing:

  1. Cloud computing has been widely used in business and non-business area
  2. Cloud computing is working on internet. It needs the connection between clients and servers.
  3. Cloud computing works by moving part of work from clients to servers. The works could be data storing, virus scanning, backup and so on.

Three thing that I don’t know about cloud computing:

  1. Cloud computing specific working principle
  2. Could it really bring benefit to users depending on its cost?
  3. What kinds of area that needs cloud computing technology

Three things that I would like to know about cloud computing:

  1. In what kind of environment and framework that could support its smooth operation
  2. How to make customers get completely access to cloud computing service
  3. Why it could be welly developed in the future

Mobile device apps

Three things that I know about mobile device apps:

  1. Mobile device apps are parts of the smart phone and tablet computers
  2. Mobile device apps are highly depends on mobile operating systems
  3. The quality of a mobile device operating system influence the efficiency of apps on it

Three things that I don’t know about mobile device apps:

  1. In what kind of theory that a software could be called an app
  2. Why apps could be more acceptable than softwares
  3. How to develop an app

Three things that I would like to know about mobile device apps:

  1. Can mobile device apps be seamlessly transplant to desktop devices
  2. What are the differences between developing software for computers and mobile devices
  3. Can apps replace software on desktops in the future

Upon are the things that I know and would like to research on. I hope my supervisor could give some suggestions on which on I could choose as the topic. Thanks


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